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Generative AI Realities: Proactive Approaches for Quantifiable Business Results

UPCOMING September 14, 2023
| 10:00 p.m. HKT | 1 hour

Here we are, 10 months after the biggest bang of most of our careers – generative AI – and the question is no longer what is it, but how are organizations putting it into action? Generative AI accelerated the business agility agenda from discussions to proactionary approaches and strategies, but few organizations have determined the best ways to measure and quantify these initiatives or consistently track them to demonstrate shareholder value. This complimentary webinar explores the realities of generative AI versus the hype. You will get real-life examples of organizations that have taken actions and funded initiatives. Gartner experts will take you through different categories of generative AI, the cost side of the equation, and the measurements of value to help your organization determine the best path forward. 

  • Identify the realities of actioned investments vs. the hype 10 months after GenAI’s emergence 

  • Determine the framework for identifying, vetting, and funding AI and generative AI initiatives

  • Explore value measurement and quantification

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Frances Karamouzis

Distinguished VP Analyst

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