Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

13 – 14 September 2023 | London, U.K.

Reshape Software Delivery to Drive Business Value

Application and software engineering leaders must take charge of reshaping their strategies, tactics and cultures to help their organizations drive business change, enable digital innovation and deliver business value. To drive business value is to deliver software that meets the functional, operational and economic needs of the business. Building the skills to take advantage of, rather than be swamped by, the relentless pace of technology change is key to success.

It’s time to build the skills to deliver the applications that help your business thrive! Join Gartner experts, leading technology providers and industry peers at Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2023, September 13 – 14, in London, U.K., to hear and share the latest insights into application strategies, software engineering leadership, API strategies, development platforms, emerging technologies and more.


Join application and software engineering peers

Join a world-class community of Gartner application and software engineering experts and hundreds of industry peers from across every industry at Gartner Application & Innovation Solutions Summit 2023 in London, U.K.

Expand your sphere of influence and build your network. Join us at the premier Gartner conference designed specifically to equip application and software engineering leaders and their teams with the objective insights, expert guidance, practical tools, and frameworks that they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

This conference is designed for application and software engineering leaders and their teams who are responsible for crafting leading-edge applications, architectures and strategies that enable innovation and deliver business value. Bring your team to maximize learning: participate in relevant sessions together or split up to cover more insights and share your take-aways later. 

Transform your organization into an intelligent, composable business:

  • Develop an enterprise application strategy that is modular, composable, and resilient. 
  • Modernize your application portfolio while delivering innovation to the business.
  • Organize the application organization to meet the challenges of digital business
  • Transform your organization into an intelligent, composable business.

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Develop software engineering strategies to create successful teams, systems, and experiences:

  • Develop the right skills and team structures for a modern software engineering organization.
  • Understand the best practices for scaling agile and transition from a project-centric to a product-centric delivery model.
  • Guide the cultural changes required for successful software engineering. 
  • Explore the API approaches that are being used by the most successful organizations.
  • Explore the frameworks, tools and practices to design and develop modern applications and platforms.
  • Adopt DevOps practices and architect applications that leverage the benefits of cloud platforms, multigrained services and pervasive automation.

View hot topics and top recommended sessions

Build agile architectures that continuously adapt and evolve to meet new and evolving business requirements:

  • Create an architecture that is flexible enough to both satisfy current demands and adapt to emerging demand. 
  • Develop strong agile architecture, DevOps, and cloud-native skills.
  • Optimize and refine application delivery to make it repeatable, effective and efficient.
  • Adopt new application architectures that take advantage of APIs and services.


Craft a pervasive integration strategy that meets the needs of a modern organization:

  • Design a future-proof business application integration strategy. 
  • Select the right integration platforms and technologies to support digital business. 
  • Implement a technical API strategy that allows the delivery of more integrations, faster.
  • Learn how to integrate AI into your organization.
  • Integrate cloud-based and on-premises applications.

Create multidisciplinary digital business teams to ensure successful digital transformation:

  • Align strategies between IT and the business. 
  • Create hybrid IT-business “fusion” teams. 
  • Develop a common view of value by establishing shared metrics. 
  • Transition from a project-centric to a product-centric delivery model.

Network with Gartner Experts and industry peers

At Gartner Applications Innovation & Business Solutions Summit, attendees can connect with world-class Gartner experts and thousands of industry-leading software engineering and application peers in an environment built for dialogue.

Attendees can exchange ideas and experiences with others, as they join the premier conference for application and software egineering executives. Benefit from unparalleled networking with peers through planned and unplanned networking, all under one roof.



  • Workshops. Workshops are expert-led, small-scale and interactive sessions, where you drill down on specific topics with a how-to focus. (Preregistration is required.)    

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  • Ask the Expert sessions. Group sessions that enable attendees to ask a Gartner expert questions directly. (Preregistration is required.)

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  • Social engagements. Have fun and build new business relationships with peers as you engage in networking receptions.

Learn and engage

This conference is designed to equip application and software engineering leaders and their teams with the objective insights, expert guidance and practical tools that they need to elevate their strategy as they discover new approaches to making smarter business decisions.

No matter where you are on your transformation and innovation trajectory, we`re here to help you get to your destination faster-with confidence.

Lean back, listen and prepare to be inspired

Expect the best speakers, brightest minds and innovative ideas and research. These sessions provide the inspiration and actionable insights to help guide you to transform your mission-critical business priorities into business results.


  • Guest speakers. Hear firsthand from thought-provoking guest speakers and industry peers
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant™ Sessions. Explore Gartner Magic Quadrant™ sessions to provide you with an objective guide across how solution providers are executing against their vision.
  • Contract negotiation clinics. These interactive sessions are designed to help attendees to prepare for their next contract negotiations with strategic technology vendors and provide cost optimization tips and tactics.

Lean in, engage, and prepare to be inspired

Facilitated by Gartner Experts, these sessions challenge you to solve problems together, exchange viewpoints and get to the core of the business imperatives that drive you and your peers.


  • Roundtables. Small-scale, interactive sessions that emphasize group participation, providing participants with an opportunity to share experiences and ideas, develop skills, explore best practices, and solve current issues. (Preregistration is required.)

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  • Workshops. Workshops are expert-led, small-scale and interactive sessions, where you drill down on specific topics with a how-to focus. (Preregistration is required.)

See 2023 Sessions

Our unbiased Gartner experts help you advance your most critical priorities through industry-leading insights, guidance and tools. Tap their unique expertise to make faster, smarter decisions. 

Gartner one-on-one meetings.* Meet one-on-one with Gartner experts for tailored advice to help you achieve your most critical priorities. These popular meetings offer you the undivided attention of a Gartner expert who will listen and guide you on the matters most critical to your success.

Ask the Expert sessions.* Topic-driven sessions provide a more intimate discussion forum, featuring one Gartner expert and end-user peers posing questions.

*Preregistration is required. These sessions are available to end users only; space is limited.

Application and software engineering leaders need to maximize the delivery of value to the business. You need to orchestrate change and drive innovation to build teams, systems and platforms that balance convenience, cost and complexity.

Gary Olliffee

Conference Chair and Gartner VP Analyst

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    2023 Tracks at a Glance

    Attendees will have access to over 70 hours of the latest Gartner research, specifically designed to help application and software engineering leaders and their teams meet the demands of the future. Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.

    Track A

    Reshaping Leadership, Strategy and Culture

    Application and software engineering leaders must attract and retain the best engineering talent to build high-performing teams, and foster the organizational culture and environment for them to flourish — all while facing the realities and trade-offs of tight budgets. This track explores trends in hybrid work, solutions to talent shortages, skill-building and career-pathing, and the evolution of organizational models, leadership and management for a digital, postpandemic world.

    Track B

    Aligning the Enterprise Applications Strategy with Business Objectives

    Enterprise application leaders must deliver a portfolio of applications that improve business outcomes, particularly during times of economic disruption, and that differentiate their customer and employee experiences. This track explores how successful application leaders manage applications as products, maintain application roadmaps, leverage business technologists to improve application delivery, and continually modernize/innovate their application portfolios.

    Track C

    Accelerating Value Creation With Software Engineering Platforms and Technologies

    To maximize sustainable value creation, software engineering leaders must adopt modern engineering platforms and technologies, which support and enable modern engineering practices, improve software quality and deliver exceptional user experiences. This track highlights emerging themes and key insights on implementing modern software engineering approaches and the technologies and platforms that support them.

    Track D

    Adopting Modern Architectures to Adapt to Change

    To enable rapid response to opportunities and disruptions, application and solution architects must adopt modern patterns and practices that deliver agility, flexibility, and scalability. This track explores the “why” and “how” of modern application and solution architecture, with a focus on delivering meaningful business outcomes rather than technical purity.

    Track E

    Augmenting, Accelerating and Automating Your Business with Integration and Data

    A modern business needs integrated systems, automated processes and insightful data. Demand for integration, automation and analytics delivery is outpacing traditional delivery methods. To achieve your organization's goals, you must adopt agile delivery approaches that focus on business outcomes. This track examines the emerging themes, tried and tested approaches and key insights needed to optimize your organization’s use of integration, automation and data.

    Spotlight Track

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Application and software engineering leaders are in an influential position to advocate for, and become stewards of, DEI at their organization. Sessions in this spotlight track provide a forum to discuss DEI challenges and to explore how application and software engineering leaders can build a diverse culture and team with diverse business and IT skill sets.

    Spotlight Track

    Technical Insights

    Organizations can only realize the promise of digital business when they take control of the underpinning architecture, data and technology. This track showcases Gartner for Technical Professionals content and digs deeper into the technical details around how you can deliver the future of applications for your organization.

    Spotlight Track

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is reshaping how the enterprise makes decisions and how users interact with software. This spotlight track will explore how AI, and especially Generative AI, impacts software and application delivery and will help your organization reduce risk, set realistic goals and maximize value.

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