Gartner Conferences: Registration Terms


Thank you for registering for this Gartner conference (“Conference”). Regardless of whether your registration is submitted by you or your proxy, the following Conferences Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to you and your participation in any Gartner Conference, both in-person and virtual. “Attendee” for purposes of these Terms will include all participants at the Conference, including Exhibitors and Attendees. By participating in this Conference, you agree to these Terms so please read them carefully. These Terms include and incorporate by reference Gartner’s Privacy Policy.

This Conference is organized by Gartner, which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. To be eligible to participate, you must be 21 years old or older.

Conferences Registration

Attendee Cancellation Policy

If circumstances change and you can no longer attend this conference, you may cancel your registration by providing written notice to Gartner Global Conferences. Our Attendee Cancellation Policy is outlined below.

Registrations may be refunded, or a ticket re-activated, if a cancellation is made in writing up to 30 calendar days prior to the in-person conferences start date, or 7 days prior to the virtual conference start date. Cancellations received after the cancellation cutoff date or nonattendance will not be refunded and/or tickets will not be re-activated. For cancellations received after the cutoff date with a balance due, the registration amount remains due in full.

Please remember that canceling your registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements. Attendees are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations.

Force Majeure

After the cancellation cutoff date, payments made are not refundable for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to use conference attendance credentials due to illness or due to any event beyond the reasonable control of the parties, such as an act of God, natural disaster, travel-related problems or an act of terrorism.

Substitution and Badge Policy

Substitution of registrations may be made at any time up to the Conference start date but must be from within the registered attendee’s company. All substitutions must be approved and will be at Gartner’s discretion. Please note that some registration types do not allow substitutions and in instances of a sold out conference, no substitutions will be permitted. Invitations that are part of a Gartner membership or invitational program are non-transferable and are ineligible for substitution.  Additional terms of your Gartner agreement may apply.  Please consult your Gartner representative with any questions.

Sharing of Attendee badges/credentials is not permitted at any time. Badges/credentials are issued to, and can be picked up by, and used only by the Attendee named in the registration. Photo ID will be required for each Attendee when collecting a badge onsite. Badges must be worn at all times during the Conference. Gartner reserves the right to remove any Attendee from the conference found violating these conditions, and may restrict this Attendee from participating in future Gartner Conferences.

A Gartner Conference badge allows an Attendee entry to the overall Conference, but cannot guarantee admission to every session, lounge, or meeting area. Admission is subject to venue capacity and other requirements.  For example, certain sessions may be restricted from exhibitor Attendees.

Government Rate Eligibility

The government rate is open to employees of a national/federal, state, provincial, or local government entity, including public higher education institutions. Government contractors or private education institutions are not eligible for the government discount or GSA hotel rates. It is the responsibility of the individual to show proper government ID at time of hotel check-in. GSA hotel rates are subject to availability and may change after booking based on current GSA rate guidelines.

Group Discount Program

Groups must consist of employees of the same organization and discounts only apply to the same conference. At those conferences where we offer the Group Discount Program, there is a limit of four Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations per organization per conference.

Only one discount may be applied to an individual registration. With the exceptions of the early bird discount, multiple discounts cannot be combined. 

In order to receive the group discount and be admitted to the conference, all registrations must be paid in full. Cash and paid ticket registrations both qualify towards the group rate discount. A combination of paid tickets and cash registrations may be used to qualify for Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations. Some restrictions may apply to ticket registrations.  Contact your Gartner Representative if you have questions. Group Rate Discount does not apply to Virtual Conference registrations.

Payment Terms

Currency Exchange Rate Disclaimer: Client/Cardholder confirms acknowledgment and acceptance of a potential gain/loss incurred by any adjustments made by their bank due to the currency exchange rate. Gartner will not be liable or responsible for any loss incurred by the Client/Cardholder from an adjustment made due to the currency exchange rate. Nor will Gartner pursue the Client/Cardholder for collection if that adjustment should be made in the Client’s/Cardholder’s favor.

Submission of a registration online, by phone or email, constitutes an official registration and intent to attend the Conference.  Invoices are payable upon receipt, and full payment must be received in order to gain entry to the Conference.  Until your payment is received you will not have access to pre-conference entitlements that you may be entitled to, such as booking certain sessions or reserving meetings with analysts.  Please note Gartner does not accept cash payments onsite at the Conference, unless required by law.

You agree that, in the unlikely event that Gartner cannot resolve your payment issue and you dispute the credit card charge, your electronic statement may be used as evidence that said charge is valid and just. If there are any issues with your credit card charge, please contact Gartner Finance at the applicable regional contact location:

Before the Conference

Before Conferences with Exhibitors

To ensure all our Attendees and Exhibitors derive the greatest value from our Conferences, we share a list of company names and job titles (but not name or contact details) of Attendees with Exhibitors for their planning purposes before the Conference. If you would prefer to opt-out of such sharing, please email Please note that if you engage directly with an Exhibitor during an in-person or virtual conference (e.g. choose to have your attendee badge scanned by an Exhibitor at an in-person conference), we will share your name and contact details with that Exhibitor as disclosed in more detail below.

Before non-Exhibitor Conferences

To ensure all our Attendees derive greatest value from our non-Exhibitor Conferences (e.g., Annual Executive Retreats), we may share company names, job titles, and names of Attendees with other Attendees for their planning purposes before the Conference. If you would prefer to opt-out of such sharing, please email

At the Conference

Attendance at Exhibitor Sessions

By attending an Exhibitor session at a virtual or in-person Conference, you are authorizing your registration information to be shared with that particular Exhibitor and agree to receive communications from such Exhibitor, which are subject to that Exhibitor’s privacy practices, including their privacy statement or policy.

Gartner Use of Badge Scanning at In-Person Conference

RFID & Location Tracking

Gartner uses RFID badge scanning technology in the Conference badge at some of our Conferences to administer and improve the Conference experience and solicit feedback and/or interest in Gartner products and services. During registration check-in for these Conferences, you will have the option to select a badge without RFID scanning. Per our Privacy Policy, we will not share your personal information with a third party without your consent.

Gartner does not share RFID information with any third parties for commercial purposes.

Location-Based Alerts

Gartner uses iBeacon technology in conjunction with the Gartner Conference Navigator Mobile Application at some of our Conferences to administer and improve your Conference experience and solicit feedback and/or interest in Gartner products and services, including the delivery ofapp features and notifications based on Attendee location. You will be prompted to Opt-in to use this feature within the mobile application at any Conference where iBeacon technology is in use.

You may disable this feature at any time by selecting your name in the app menu and selecting Settings.

Gartner Sessions & Functions

Gartner uses RFID badge scanning to determine session attendance, deliver session surveys, manage session capacity, and to enforce session restrictions. Data from badge scanning may be used to allow you to see a list of sessions you attended in the Gartner Conference Navigator App. Attendance data from Gartner sessions and functions will not be shared with Exhibitors. 

Exhibitor Use of Badge Scanning at In-Person Conference

Gartner also allows Exhibitors to do their own badge scanning at the Conference. Gartner is not responsible for Exhibitor scanning.  When an Exhibitor scans your badge at the entrance to an Exhibitor session or function, you are consenting to allow that Exhibitor to use your contact information to communicate with you about their services and special offers in accordance with the Exhibitor’s Privacy Policy. 


Exhibitor Engagement Zone at Virtual Conference

By accessing content in an Exhibitor’s Engagement Zone, available on the virtual conference platform, you are authorizing your registration information to be shared with that particular Exhibitor and agree to receive communications from such Exhibitor, which are subject to that Exhibitor’s privacy practices, including their privacy statement or policy.

Session Availability

Your Conference registration provides access to certain sessions based on your Attendee profile and registration package, such as your end user/vendor status. Session admission is also subject to venue capacity. Building an agenda in Gartner Conference Navigator does not guarantee access to any sessions.

Guest Speakers

Gartner Guest Speaker sessions are central to the success of Gartner Conferences. In order to provide our Attendees with a global platform for the exchange of ideas and insights, we invite key figures from various industries to share their personal perspectives concerning the challenges and opportunities facing businesses today. Guest speakers are not employees of Gartner and Gartner neither pre-reviews nor comments on the content of our guest speakers sessions. Guest Speaker views and opinions are entirely their own and in no way reflect the views and opinions of Gartner.

Use of Multimedia at the Conference

In order to comply with global data privacy laws, Gartner imposes certain restrictions on the use of multimedia at its Conferences (i.e., photography, video, audio, online streaming and all future mediums). Please note that Gartner imposes different photography/streaming/recording and social media rules for Exhibitors and Attendees from Exhibiting companies at the Conference (as further clarified in the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations because these groups are representing Gartner at the Conference).

Exhibitors and Attendees: Gartner prohibits the use of cameras and mobile recording devices at all Conference Sessions and on the Exhibit Floor during show hours. For all other areas of the Conference, Gartner (and at times approved third parties) hires professional service providers (photo/video/audio/streaming) to document and showcase the Conference experience. For virtual conferences, Gartner prohibits the use of screen shots and/ or any other technology that can be used to capture proprietary content and images from our website.

For Exhibitors: When a company contracts with Gartner to exhibit at a Conference, they are representing Gartner.  As such, we will allow them to photograph/stream/record their Conference experience and booth set-up, provided they comply with the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations.  Among other things, Exhibitors must use Gartner’s dedicated production provider or must film their booth set-up before or after official trade show floor hours of operation. 

For Attendees: Gartner leverages social media to post real-time Conferences photos and videos to its Social media feeds, and display select submissions from those feeds on screens throughout the venue. Attendees are encouraged to capture their Conference experiences in the permitted areas of the Conference venue and post their own social content from the Conference (text, photos, audio, video, streaming), provided it does not defame other Conference attendees or Exhibitors or infringe on copyrighted Gartner branding and content. Gartner will determine in its sole discretion which posted content will be displayed on the screens at the Conference venue.

By attending the Conference, you acknowledge and agree as follows: (a) Gartner may edit and use the footage it captures at Gartner Conferences for marketing and promotional activities and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business; and (b) Due to the prevalence of mobile recording devices in today’s world, Gartner disclaims all liability for the capture of your image by Attendees (who are not under sponsorship contracts with Gartner) in any multimedia format at the Conference.

Meetings - Both In-Person and Virtual

During the course of the Conference, it is not uncommon for Attendees to participate in meetings, ad-hocs or scheduled sessions with other companies of the same industry. In any such situation, you agree to adhere to the following Antitrust Guidelines.

Gartner One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are offered at some Gartner conferences and are available to clients who have a full conference registration for the conference. Payment must be received in full prior to scheduling a one-on-one meeting. An additional person within the same organization may be requested to attend, space permitting. There is a limit to the number of One-on-One meetings to which each Attendee is entitled as well as a limit on the number of One-on-One meetings allotted per organization. Each One-on-One meeting booked by an individual Attendee and/or organization must be with a separate Gartner content expert.

Gartner One-on-One meetings are not to be used for vendor product/service updates and briefings. The topic will need to be inquiry-based and fall under the analyst's or advisor’s respective coverage areas. All One-on-One meetings are subject to review by Gartner, and if an appropriate topic is not provided, the Attendee will be contacted to provide further details or an alternative topic. Attendee clients interested in briefing Gartner analysts or advisors may contact the Vendor Relations department and schedule a meeting following the Conference by mailing Gartner reserves the right to stop the One-on-One meeting at any point should it evolve into a vendor briefing.

A Gartner Conference is an open environment, with large numbers of Attendees and Exhibitors. While Gartner will keep confidential the specifics of your discussion with our content experts, we encourage you to take the proper precautions during your One-on-One meeting to ensure you do not inadvertently disclose sensitive information to bystanders. To help protect the security of your One-on-One meeting, Gartner prohibits any and all recording of One-on-One meetings.

Exhibitor Meetings

Conference Attendees may request a meeting with a Conference Exhibitor by providing Gartner’s Conferences team with their personal contact information (PI) via Conference Navigator.  The Gartner Conferences team will share this Attendee PI with the requested Exhibitor solely to contact the requested Exhibitor on Attendee’s behalf in order to coordinate the meeting time and location. During a virtual conference, Attendees may request to be contacted by an Exhibitor. By making this request, they are agreeing to share their personal contact information with the Exhibitor and allowing the Exhibitor to contact them.

Exhibitor Functions

At times, Gartner may contact you on behalf of an Exhibitor to invite you to a function such as an exclusive lunch or dinner.  To help Exhibitors plan for these functions, we share with them a list of Attendee company names, job titles, and countries (but not name or contact details). You may opt-out of this sharing by emailing  You will also have the opportunity to decline an invitation to attend such functions. 

Conferences Security

FOR IN-PERSON CONFERENCES: Gartner Wireless is a free open wireless internet service provided to Gartner Attendees for use at Gartner Conferences. By using the wireless service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Gartner Conferences Attendee Wireless Service is a complimentary service that allows authorized users to access the internet during their visit to a Gartner Conference. By accessing the Gartner Wireless, you acknowledge that you are an authorized user of Gartner’s system. You further understand that your access to the system is an unencrypted public wireless network, and that you are solely responsible for ensuring the privacy and integrity of any transmissions you make or receive, as well as the safety and security of any systems you attach to the Gartner Conferences Attendee Wireless Network. You understand the unencrypted access to the public internet and take full responsibility for any necessary security precautions, including encrypting confidential transmissions and backing up any data. You agree that Gartner may routinely monitor, audit, intercept and disclose communications over its networks for security, performance and other purposes, and may remove an attached system from the Gartner Conferences Attendee Wireless network at any time for any reason. This information may include, but is not limited to device, user, and location data while on Gartner’s network.

Limitation of Liability — Under no circumstances, where applicable law permits, shall we be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from your use of the Gartner Wireless service or the platform, whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages   In no event shall our total liability to you for all damages and losses exceed the amount paid by you, if any, for accessing the Gartner Wireless Service. or the platform We have no duty to update the Service or the contents thereof.  If you are dissatisfied with the service, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be to discontinue use of the Service. 

Conferences Services

Gartner provides tools and services that are designed to help Attendees get the most value out of their Conference experience. These tools and services are designed to help Attendees build a personal agenda, find and connect with others (Gartner analysts, Gartner associates, conference Attendees and exhibitors) before, during, and after the Conference. To ensure a positive experience is had by all, we require Attendees to adhere to the Conferences Code of Conduct.

Conference Navigator Website and Mobile Application

When building your agenda and setting up your Conference experience within the Conference Navigator tools (which may not be available for all conferences), Gartner may evaluate the content you access and the choices you make to provide you with recommendations and ensure the most effective ongoing service and support. Gartner will not share this information with any third party without your prior written consent.

Attendee List and Messaging

As a Conference Attendee, you may be entitled to opt-in to the Attendee list and messaging features in Gartner Conference Navigator. These features are designed to help you find and connect with your peers before, during and after the Conference. Certain features in Gartner Conference Navigator, including viewing the Attendee list and in-app messaging, are not available to vendors and service providers.

Other Attendees can view the profile information you supply, but will not have access to your personal email address, or any other contact information about you, unless you choose to explicitly provide it to them in your online posts, messages, meeting invitations, or another vehicle of your choice. Your usage of these features is bound by our Conferences Code of Conduct.

Push Notifications

When using the Conference Navigator Mobile Application, you are presented with the ability to allow Gartner to send you Conference notifications. These notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges. Gartner utilizes these notifications to communicate upcoming conference features, changes in schedule, and important conference information.

These notification settings can be configured at any time within the settings section of your mobile device.

Presentation Materials

You may receive access to Gartner and third-party licensed content (“Presentation Materials”). Gartner is not liable for the information in the Presentation Materials. You may use these presentations as well as session audio/video recordings where available solely for your own internal, non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized distribution (via sales, copying, posting on intranet/internet) is expressly forbidden. Excerpting or quoting is permitted with prior written approval from

NOTE: Some of our Services are available on mobile devices. We encourage you to not to use such Services in a way that distracts you and prevents you from obeying traffic or safety laws. 

End User/Vendor

End User / Vendor Status

Gartner defines an end user as an employee from an end user organization, or an employee from a vendor organization in charge of evaluating, purchasing or managing resources, products and/or services for their organization’s internal usage. An end user organization does not offer products, services or solutions associated with the domain of the conference.

Gartner defines a vendor as an employee from a vendor organization in charge of designing, delivering, promoting, selling or servicing products and/or solutions related to the domain of the conference. A vendor organization offers products, services or solutions associated with the domain of the conference.

Certain aspects of the conference and features within Gartner Conference Navigator are available exclusively to end users. These include viewing the Attendee list and messaging other Attendees in Gartner Conference Navigator, as well as attending interactive sessions, such as Workshops and Roundtables.

Your end user or vendor status is determined at the sole discretion of Gartner, and we reserve the right to change your status at any given time.

Conferences Code of Conduct

The Conferences Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for all Attendees who attend or access a Gartner Conference and for those who utilize Gartner’s Conference Services. Conference organizers will enforce this Code and expect cooperation from all participants to help us promote a safe environment and a productive Conference experience for everyone.

Please do:

  • Maintain a respectful, considerate, and courteous attitude towards everyone you engage with online, at the conference, and the venue
  • Secure your belongings and be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants
  • If there is a situation that looks concerning or could be dangerous, notify conference organizers in a prompt manner
  • Provide clear, valuable, honest information
  • Adhere to the Gartner Antitrust Guidelines when engaging in any peer activity at the Conference
    • Make your messages and invitations useful and informative
    • Make your messages and invitations relevant to the conference

When messaging or sending meeting invitations:

Please do not:

  • Demean, discriminate, abuse, harass, or threaten those who you engage with online, at the conference, and the venue
  • Spam conference participants
  • Post content that is obscene or otherwise objectionable
  • Use a Gartner Conference for commercial or advertising purposes.  Conference organizers reserve the right to escort any individual from the conference who is reported to be soliciting and who is not a Gartner exhibitor at the conference. 
  • Post copyrighted content without permission from the owner

Reporting Violations of this Policy

If you have been (or notice that someone else has been) impacted by someone failing to adhere to this Code of Conduct or have additional concerns, please contact a member of the Gartner Conferences Team onsite or by emailing
In the event of an emergency situation, please contact local authorities immediately.

Consequences of Violating this Policy

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated at Gartner Conferences. Anyone engaged in unacceptable behavior may result in suspension of your usage of the Conferences Services and expulsion from the conference without warning or refund. This may also result in prohibition from registering or attending future conferences.