Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum

May 5 – 7, 2024 | Orlando, FL

An exclusive community of CSCOs and global supply chain executives

We hope you enjoyed the 2023 Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum, where supply chain and operations executives connected over two days to share valuable insights on supply chain risk, sustainability, organizational transformation, customer centricity and much more. Featuring an incredible lineup of inspiring guest keynote speakers and time for meaningful peer connection, attendees walked away with peer insights and advice needed to address the challenges ahead.

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that supply chain leaders met on included:

  1. Power of financial incentives and disincentives in driving ESG goals 
  2. Moving from a defensive to an offensive posture regarding investments in resilience and agility
  3. Local empowerment for innovation and operational decision making
  4. Building AI platforms to better monitor and manage local and E2E product flows
  5. Staying open to new models and ways of working

The program for the 2024 Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!

Join your executive chief supply chain officer (CSCO) peers at Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2024 to participate in interactive and highly collaborative sessions, share experiences and access personalized tools to equip yourself with a detailed plan to support your mission-critical priorities.

Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum is an exclusive conference for global supply chain and operations executives. This means you are guaranteed a level of unrivaled information exchange and peer interaction. To ensure this commitment to our attendees, we ask that you verify your attendance eligibility.

Network with CSCOs and global supply chain executives

As an exclusive conference for CSCOs, Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Forum is the ideal retreat to connect with fellow CSCOs. Experience unrivaled networking with top CSCOs across industries to build new relationships, broaden your perspectives and uncover ways to solve problems alongside other CSCOs.


  • Roundtables.* Join CSCOs from leading organizations and various industries to discuss timely, relevant topics in these facilitated small-group sessions.
  • Executive one-on-ones. These meetings offer an opportunity to set down your day-to-day challenges and engage directly with other C-level supply chain leaders and operation executives on the big trends and issues facing the community, society, and planet.

*Preregistration is required. These sessions are available to end users only; space is limited.

Prioritize what to accelerate, unlock resources for investments, make meaningful cultural changes and so much more. No matter where you are on your transformation journey, we’re here to help you get to your destination faster — with confidence.

Lean back and listen
Expect the best speakers, brightest minds and the latest big ideas. These sessions provide the inspiration and actionable insight to transform your mission-critical priorities into business results.

Lean in and engage
Dive into the big ideas and Gartner insights through interactive sessions — designed to help you lean in and engage. Facilitated by Gartner experts, these sessions challenge you to solve problems together, exchange viewpoints and get to the core of the business imperatives that drive you and your peers.

Gartner’s global COO/CSCO community is a “who’s who” of supply chain executives supporting each other on challenging topics. Gartner curates the discussions in a way that helps validate and challenge my strategies. Gartner’s Leaders Forum is a special gathering that allows me to immerse myself in the latest cross-industry perspectives and investing my time with this community has been extremely rewarding.

Donna Warton

CVP, Microsoft Windows + Devices Supply Chain & Sustainability

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    2023 Topics at a Glance

    Supply chain executives had the opportunity over the course of two days to engage in meaningful discussions with peers around the globe on these and many other topics.

    Driving Individual and Collective Progress

    Supply chains have a tremendous opportunity to drive individual and collective progress, particularly in environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas. Ecosystem partnerships require scale to be effective, however. Learn and share how we can overcome friction to progress through new organizational strategies and governance, and by redefining what is “precompetitive.”

    Identifying and Seizing New Opportunities

    Explore how supply chains can proactively set priorities alongside the business. This includes balancing future growth with heightened risks, optimizing global efficiency and regional drivers, and managing trade-offs between energy costs, security and sustainability.

    Transforming Organizations’ Work

    Discover how leading supply chains are redefining the skills, roles, relationships and structures required for nex-level engagement and performance in their organizations. Likewise learn how leaders are accelerating cultural change and innovation through the creative use of technology.